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This row shows the latest Jobs in that Match your areas of expertise. You can increase the scope of Jobs you can see by adding more Alerts in the Jobs To Refer section.



This row shows the latest Jobs featured that match your areas of expertise.



This row show the trending Jobs that Match your areas of expertise. These jobs are HOT so you need to be quick to get your referrals in!



Keep an eye on the latest updates from PeerBrief HQ here.

If you’re an early adopter one message will be a countdown counter. The number displayed is how many Referrers need to join in your location and area of expertise before we will release jobs to you. You can speed this up by inviting all your peers into the system straight away.



Here you can quickly see the Value of Cash and Rewards you have on your PeerBrief platform.



This shows you how you compare to other people in the PeerBrief system. You can change the view by location and industry.

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