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This is where you can edit your name, email address, phone number and password. 



Here you can link your account with Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make it quicker and easier to log in or refer your connections to jobs. We currently support log in using any of these service, and access to your address book for these services:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google



You can manage what emails you receive from PeerBrief here. 


Payments Info

Here you can set how you wish to receive the referral fee values owed you. You can receive a cheque which we will post to the address you provide in this section; or donate to charity through our partnership with MyCause. 



If you missed any of the Walkthroughs when you first joined or simply need a refresher this is where to go to see them again.


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We would be very sad to see you leave our community but this is where you can do it.


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