How It Works

PeerBrief is a revolutionary crowd sourcing platform that lets you earn cash, rewards or help a charity by leveraging one of the most valuable assets you have, your network. 

Once you have signed up you can access the PeerBrief platform and set notifications for job briefs in your areas of expertise. If you know someone who you think would suit a job brief that comes to you, then refer the job to them. The system does the rest.

Your friend is taken through the recruitment process by the PeerBrief platform and you are kept updated throughout by emails and alerts. When the candidate is hired you can choose to be paid in cash, or reward points you can redeem, or you can even donate to charity!


Who's paying the bills?

The Employer pays a referral fee if someone you refer gets the job. The minimum referral fee is $1750 and as the referrer you get 60% of this fee which means your minimum payment per successful referral is $1,050.

PeerBrief earns 30% of the fee.

Because PeerBrief works on a team structure, the remaining 10% is split between the team member who invited you to PeerBrief (7.5%) and the team member who invited them to PeerBrief (2.5%).


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