Your Team

This is where you really harness the power of crowdsourcing.

PeerBrief allows you to recruit other referrers into your own team (up to two tiers deep) and make a percentage of their referral fee.


Team Stats

At the top of the screen you will see your Team stats which shows your first and second tier members and also people you have invited.


Invite Team Members

Below that you have the ability to send invite emails out to potential team members. You can do this by filling in their name, email, a personal message, then just hit send!



When an employer pays a fee, the referrer earns 60% of the fee and PeerBrief earns 30%. The remaining 10% is for the team structure.

You earn 7.5% of the fee for placements made by your first tier team members and 2.5% for placements made by your second tier team members.

There is currently no limit to the size of teams so we encourage you to supercharge your earning potential by building your team quickly!

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