The Navigation

PeerBrief has been built with simplicity and quick access in mind despite its advanced feature list.

All navigation can be controlled from the Top Bar and this is consistent from whichever page you are on.

Top left is the PeerBrief logo. Click this whenever you want to go to the Home Page from wherever you are

Top Centre right are the Quick Buttons: Jobs To Refer and Jobs For You. These will take you straight to the pages for all jobs you can refer to your Peers and all jobs your Peers have referred to you. The red circle numbers at the top right of these buttons tell you how many new alerts you have to attend to since your last visit.

Top right are is Profile Picture Circle: Click this to get a drop down of your PeerBrief Card and access to your profile, settings and to log out.

Far top right is the Menu Button: Top right this brings up the menu list to access all pages in PeerBrief.

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