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This area allows you to update your profile on PeerBrief.

You can update your:

Public Profile:

This is how people will see you as a Referrer.

  • Headhunter name & bio - make this engaging and fun. Do NOT use your proper name
  • Avatar - this can be anything but it must be respectful!
  • Location - where you are currently in residence
  • Expertise - your main area of expertise and therefore contacts. You can add further job alerts of other areas later but this will be your default


Application Profile:

This is PRIVATE and will only be seen by employers you have applied to.

  • CV - you can hold this in different formats and up to 4 versions
    • PeerBrief - this is a template we provide for you to write in  your CV from scratch. You can add content to the various areas of the CV, these include:
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Skills & Expertise
  • Education
  • Hobbies & Interests

To add to a section just fill out the relevant boxes and then click ‘save’.

    • LinkedIn import - this will pull in your CV from LinkedIn
    • Upload - any doc or pdf is fine
  • Cover letter - you can have 4 cover letters saved for ease in application
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