How to use PeerBrief's Reward Manager

PeerBrief’s Reward Manager

The biggest feature of PeerBrief’s Reward Manager is the ability for a Company to configure referral rewards (see our Best Practice article on this subject) prior to any job postings so that they are automatically assigned  into a Class of Rewards, based on qualifying criteria


When defining a Reward or Reward Class the Reward Manager allows you to assign Rewards (cash or points) to every major stage of the recruitment process. This allows you to boost campaigns and target your results based on the outcomes you need for any job or job class.

However you choose to set up your Rewards or Reward Classes we strongly recommend that you focus on rewarding as many people as you can for effort, in place of fewer people for success.

By getting smart with your Rewards you can make a lot more employees happy at a considerably reduced spend.

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