PeerBrief and Gamification

One of PeerBrief’s stand out strengths as a platform is its level of engagement which is garnered from the intelligent use of gaming mechanics. These were no after thought but baked into the core of the build right from the get go. They were also produced out of a genuine duty of care to provide value to those people that matter most - the Referrers. 

The gamification is powered by PeerBrief’s Points Engine. This assigns points to users of the system in two ways

  1. Automatically from the ‘System’
  2. Automatically from the ‘Employer

1. The Automatic ‘System’ Points Engine is designed to reward effort and contribution to the PeerBrief community.

The main ways in which it does this is to awards points to every positive engagement action in the system. These include things like completing the profile set up, viewing jobs, and inviting friends.

2. The Automatic ‘Employer’ Points Engine is designed to reward referrers for specific recruitment activity in the platform.

This is set by the employer at the job creation stage and thanks to the advanced PeerBrief Job Campaign manager, can be attributed to every stage of the recruitment process from Referrals made to staff Employed.

The representations of those points given and earned are realised in three main ways.

  1. Rewards. Points can be exchanged at the Reward Store for money off experiences with RedBalloon or for freebies in the Referrers own Company Reward store, say for an iPad. The possibilities are endless and you control the cost.
  2. Levels. You start in PeerBrief as a Beginner and as you earn points you Level Up! The 5th and final step is Pro. This is displayed on your Profile for companies and friends to see.
  3. Leaderboards. There are two types of leaderboards driving ‘competition’ in PeerBrief, Solo and Team. Both of these can ranked based on 3 criteria; Points, Ratings, and number of Referrals.

There are other gamification elements in PeerBrief that are realised in different ways.

Charity: PeerBrief allows all earnings to be donated to a Charity of the user's choice. This is done in partnership with MyCause

Badges: There are 25 badges you can earn on PeerBrief. These are awarded upon certain trigger events from making your first referral to getting making 100 placements!

All of these factors intertwine to produce multiplier effects on the levels of engagement in the acquisition of Referrals for businesses and therefore the success of your programme and happiness of your staff.

If you would like best practice help in making the most out of the gamification elements in PeerBrief and your Referral Programme please contact us at and we will get straight back to you!

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